Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zappos Shopping

I'm on a bag and shoe kick right now - I am resolved not to buy much clothing - I have a closet full of clothes that I can almost get into, and thus will keep on my work out journey to get back into said clothes.  I have invested in a couple of golf outfits, because the old stuff was when I was super thin (for me) and fit.  My closet is still full of gorgeous high heels that I rarely get to wear anymore - generally only if I'm in DC on business and perhaps go out to dinner afterward.  My office is generally casual and my lifestyle has become much more casual than before.  While I don't need any shoes, per se, I still need to indulge once in a while.  That's why I heart Zappos - the quality and selection are great, the customer service rocks and I can indulge all my different personalities (ok, styles).  So...in my usual schizophrenic way, I indulged the girly girl and the earth mother in me.


The girly girl:

Calvin Klein roman sandals:

calvin klein

Already have  great dark brown hobo bag to match.  When I get girly girl, I like to have my bag match...


The earth mother side of me:




And because I've just about worn out my old Longchamps tote bag, a Kavu messenger bag - big enough to carry around all of my junk, but I can wear it across my body (I also don't feel the need to match):



Stepford Village is having a community yard sale this month, so it's time to clean out all of my bags that are great, but that I just don't carry anymore.  I want to get down to two or three bags that meet 90% of my needs. These are examples of some of the bags lurking in the back of my closet:

Last summer's bag:


From the Wall St. days (yeah, I still have a floppy bow tie somewhere, too).


During my road warrior days:



Which style do think is most fitting for me???


flutter said...

that last bag is FABULOUS

noble pig said...

So cute. I'm always on a shoe and bag hunt. I'll have to try Zappos.

Carl Zetie said...

Maybe you can combine your shoe thing with your exercise fling?


Anonymous said...

Those Tevas leave something to be desired. :)