Thursday, April 10, 2008


Rachel has terrible allergies. I took her to the pediatrician to get her some relief.  As we drove to the drugstore, script in hand, she complained of a headache.


Rachel: " I have a headache, Momma"

Me: "Take some Tylenol when you get home."

Rachel: "I love Tylenol. Lasts for hours and really gets rid of the headache.  Except when I head-bang. Then it feels like my brain is shaking back and forth."

Me: "Well, then don't head-bang, silly".

Rachel: "Mom, you can't ask that of a teenager.  It's like asking a monkey not to throw's just not gonna happen."

monkey poo

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Anonymous said...

Oh man. I'm not ready for this! My girls are still at the age where they fling poo. ;)