Friday, December 10, 2010

Hopefully heading home

I wrapped up several days worth of meetings in Barcelona - still sick, but got to see the Gaudi Cathedral, stroll a little along the Diagonal, but then headed back to the hotel to sleep it off. I'm headed home tomorrow, if weather in Frankfurt works with me. Will post pictures when I return.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What will 2011 hold for you?

I've been thinking quite a bit about the next chapter of my life. I have a job that I do enjoy and with luck I'll be doing this for a while (even though it burns you to the ground at times), but it doesn't stop me from thinking about the quality of my life going forward. If I did nothing, I'd blessed to say I have great quality of life, however, it's really the fact that I have the means to keep the wheels running without having to sell of children, possessions or pets.

What I'm really thinking about is what will I DO in 2011 to enrich my life and those of others around me? Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna lose weight middle age and sedintary living has put me over the last five years (with help). I've been folding healthier eating in for the last six months so that helps....but all of that is prescriptive for physical health (no small task - still grimmacing in the mirror in the morning, mind you).

I'm talking more about spiritual, emotional and FUN for 2011. We've all been carrying the rock in one way or another. I'm thinking that there are graces in life that in all of our speed we have just dropped like hot potatoes. It's been nagging at the back of my mind for some time now, but I think it may just be time to start doing something about it. It may be faintly hipster for an old girl like me, but I want to get my hands into more of my life - you know?

Some ideas that I'm tossing out -

* letter writing on honest to God stationary (and not that cutey preppy shit) with a group of friends that I know would like to argue and discuss various subjects (Yes, Carl, I plan on tapping you)
* learning to do something that has no technology involved (think about it - everyting does today)
* guitar
* Language or Landscaping (I'm open)
* getting my friends off their asses to do museum runs or theater or something of that's time to embrace our early tour guides..............

We've all been working so much without time for ourselves....and time is passing too quickly.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anyone still there?

Yes, I fell off the face of the earth - fell flat on my face a few times (literally)...fell into traveling way too much (mucho mileage), fell out of a relationship and trying to manage a few kick you in the gut health issues, so I just went MIA...testing to see if I want to come back. There is much changing in my life, and wondering if this outlet is still pertinent for me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never First to the Table…..

What are your harmless obsessions?  I have so many, I wonder if it’s possible to count them.  If if it’s something I want on a regular basis, I count it as an obsession.  If I’m the only one that is affected by it, then to me, it’s harmless.  Today, I indulged in a few. I’ve been slaving over a white paper and while I know what I want to say, getting it out has been akin to having teeth pulled without Novocain.   When that is the case, I do indulge.  Now, in the past, the indulgence would have including a chicken wing or 10, but I’m trying not to go down that route.   Today, it’s much more mundane and just a wee bit healthier, but definitely not cooler.  

I was at the epitome of cool when I shut down on television.  Seriously,  I had the toys, but the only TV I watched were old movies – I had TCM, Retroplex and Netflix on speed channel selection and web selection.  Other than perhaps MSNBC or looking for school closings, the only current TV I watched was the Daily Show with the kids.  

Then…my downfall. I spent the the Thanksgiving holiday with my big sister and in the process got HOOKED on NCIS…..a show that I laughed at before. Now – I can’t stay away.   I love this show – watch the reruns and won’t move on a Tuesday night.   I wish I had done this when the thing first came on, so that I could be over it by now.     The only really unhealthy thing that still accompanies this is that I really like a Gimlet while I watch it…..

Friday, January 8, 2010

And the beat goes on……

I received a Wii and a WiiFitPlus for Christmas.  I have been diligently doing my 30 minutes plus each day (except for the days that I haven’t been home).  It’s fun, but boy, there are few things that drive me crazy:


1. The scale is way off – while I love what it says, it’s about five pounds lighter than my hi-tech bathroom scale (which is still in shock from being stepped on for the first time in oh, A YEAR).

2. The awful “ooooh” or grunting noise that it makes when you step on it. Yeah, that’s really motivating. 

3. You can build a program with yoga and strength but not with aerobics, what’s with that??

4. I am so white that even the Wii disparages my lack of rhythm.


Are you having a love/hate relationship with your Wii?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knock…..knock…..anyone still here?

As 2009 closed and 2010 slid into place, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do in the new year.  Now that Mom has passed away, I can finally take more time for me.  So, instead of resolutions that are only going to be ignored or broken, I started to make a list of things that I wanted to do for myself this year.  Apart from the obvious – drop XX pounds (which I am FINALLY going to address this year), and be a better analyst, I have decided to focus more on what gives me a sense of self:

1. Getting the house finished – new stove, new entry and floors, refinish the old floors and as much bathroom redo as I am willing to fund – and to do more of it myself, not just open my pocketbook.

2. Getting back into what I love to do outdoors, mainly, golf and gardening. I’d also like to add photography to that list.

3. Biking – not long haul stuff, but just not going for the car as the first mode of travel for a quick trip to the store.

4. Relationship stuff – mainly get my head out of my ass and be more social.

5. Blog.  I miss it and really want to get back to writing for the sake of writing again.  I’ve been reading Michael Palin’s first edition of his diaries and it sparked memories of what I loved about journaling.

I don’t know if anyone still reads this blog, I suspect they don’t, but I have decided that it’s time to start writing again.  If you’re there, thank you for being patient. If I’m only writing for myself, well, that’s okay too.  This I’m doing for me.