Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Study of Schoolbooks & Shoes: Addicting Games

I found a great little quiz in Libby's blog. The link is here:

A Study of Schoolbooks & Shoes: Addicting Games

85%, error rate of 30 miles and it took me 333 seconds - think I need a TomTom? I think maybe so.....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh, the things kids say.....

My daughter has a's 1AM and because she's slept all day, she's now wide awake and has decided to curl up in the easy chair next to where I'm sitting. She's questioning me about what I'm doing. When I told her I was posting to my new blog, she asked,

"Will you tell everyone that I'm sick, that I'm cold and alone? I could use a little pity"

Keep in mind that we tend to be a pull yourself up by your bootstraps family. Not that we mean it, but we do like to say it......

I replied, " You'll do anything for a little attention, won't you?"

She answered, "Of course, I'm a teenager.....and if you're lucky one day, I'll be famous, go onto to Oprah and talk about you."

I better save up for those therapy sessions NOW....;-)

First Time's a Charm?

I've wanted to blog for some time - but what to write about? I could.....

  • Express my inner Alice Munro (more like Janet Evanovich - not that there's anything wrong with that).

  • Pursue an avocation that closely resembles my old vocation and write about the IT industry (Love to, but the current employer has some pretty strict blogging restrictions).

  • Advocate for teenagers with Asperger's (I WILL do some of that).

  • Write about my semi-obsession with shoes, handbags and decor (ok, ok, it's an obsession - that's a definite, too).

  • Complain about teenagers in general *(can't kid myself they're perfect - they're great, but not perfect).

  • Express my political views (or better yet sex...hmmm... better stick to the weather *lol*)

  • Record the occasional observation about the oddities of life

  • Share recipes (why shouldn't your waistline expand, too?)

I used to be quite the diarist, and writing is cathartic. It's my view of the of the world and I have been quite for a long, long time. I can't promise it'll be always be exciting, but it will always be honest.