Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Tax Day Diversion


Not only is it tax day, it is also our school board election day.  Now, that being said, NJ is already the state with the highest property tax rates in the country (no one will ever retire to NJ - believe me), but my school district has a dubious history in voting to kill off open space for yet another soccer field - if you ever want to take out my town, just aim for the 72 soccer fields - you'll wipe out 98% in one fell swoop - but then you'd be left with anarchists like me....and they've voted for things like oh, a pool, when one of the high schools (the one my kid will go to) that houses 2500 students has no air conditioning. Didn't win, but you get the drift - it's difficult as hell to get special education funded (and we're known as one of the better districts for it), but they have a sports facility to die for.  Any way, I wasn't going to use this as my bully pulpit today, but I couldn't resist passing this gem along......Given our district's spending habits, you'll see why I chuckled at this one:

Who wouldn't spend 50 mil on a little "general fun"???

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