Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Memoriam.....

Paul Newman died today at 82.  He was an incredible, if under-rated actor, a husband, father and philanthropist.  He was my first crush, and remained dear to me through out my adolescence, and as an adult, I respected his charitable activities, Newman's Own, the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang and his vigorous support of the Democratic Party.  His work with the Westport Playhouse was also another passion. 

Paul newman

I think I've seen most of his movies (Cool Hand Luke, Hud and Exodus were my favorites).  I adored and continue to adore him. Not only because he was beautiful, with those incredible blue eyes and killer smile, but also for his subtle acting, his commitment to his wife, his children and his charities.  In my eyes, he was perfect.  Rest well Paul, you will be forever missed.

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noble pig said...

I totally want to have a Paul Newman movie night and serve his product line! I loved him. I saw him at a grocery store once when I lived in Malibu. Just as I noticed him a woman came out of nowhere and I swear jumped him right there in produce. The workers had to peel her off him.