Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just can't get started today.......

....Could it have been the three glasses of wine and ...um....two martinis I had last night??  No, kids, I'm not sitting at home alone in the dark drowning my sorrows.  I met my bestie, Devonshire Design, at a local watering hole that was having a "Wine, Women and Wisdom" night.  Only, there wasn't much wisdom to be had - unless you count our pontificating on the woes of the financial crisis.  After your second glass of wine, you're brilliant, right?   Anyway, the event was an excuse to pour mediocre wine, consume many little hors d'oeuvres, and to wait for the hostess to call your number for a door prize.  So, DD and I sat there and watched every table - and every person at every table - get called up to get a goody bag.  They called the numbers before ours, and after ours, but not ours.  Finally, the hostess announced that there were two tickets left in the bowl.  DD and I looked at each other - that mean one of us HAD to win the last prize.  She pulled out the ticket ...........and didn't call either number.  It was someone else who had won. We just howled.  It was our luck, wasn't it?*****

After the evening ended, we went down to the bar to chat about real things - DD is looking at downsizing (job, not her, she's already doing that and looks GREAT!), what the kids are up to, my new job and complicated life situations and our wandering roads of relationships (it hasn't been dull for either of us). That took the two martinis to complete.  So, here I am, fuzzy headed and lazy this morning, not able to really concentrate on the work in front of me, but happy I got to waste an evening with my bestie. 


*****  By the way, the numb-nut of a hostess had pulled the ticket out of the wrong bowl!  DD actually wound up winning lunch for two.


NJDecorator said...

I'm so glad I was able to help with the procrastination, my day started slow as well. It was a great time last night.
Oh and by the way, I still am employed as of 5:00 today.

noble pig said...

I think I would still be in bed after 3 wines and two martinis! Glad you fianlly won a prize or she did, that would just suck.