Friday, September 26, 2008

How Can We Handle This Delicately?

I'm watching the debates and I'm sickened.  By the way this debate is going. Not really answering questions, McCain won't look at Obama (which is f**king racist, if you ask me)...and the lousy atmosphere of debates where candidates have to bash each other, and not discuss the true issues of WHAT THEY WILL DO. I am outraged.....why is it that we cannot have candidates engage in a battle of ideas, not this dirty mess. I'll grant you, that it's not as obnoxious as the 2000 debate, but this is ugly.  Perhaps I'm too much of an idealist. 


Cindy said...

And that creepy little smile of McCains's. Seems like he kept it in the can for the first half, but then it oozed out.

Can't wait for the veep debates! That ought to be some entertaining television.

noble pig said...

Honestly, I thought they both sucked.

Not looking at Obama is probably some sort of body language strategy I don't feel it was racist though, at all.

MsMVNJ said...

Cathy - In retrospect, I agree, it wasn't racist, but it was condescending.

Belle said...

I was disappointed in the debate as well. We were at an event and I called my son to ask how it went and his reply was "unremarkable." Wouldn't you love to get each one in a room alone for just half an hour to see if you could get some real answers?