Sunday, September 7, 2008

I thought Sundays were supposed to be quiet.....

Saturday, T.S. Hanna hit NJ.  We got a good 3 to 4" of rain.  I was afraid that my new gazebo would float away (it's in the low area of the  yard); nope, it was fine.  Saw that as I walked into my kitchen - attempted to make coffee and found that the coffee maker broke.  XE#R$@#)%^&$.   As I struggled through a cup of tea (love tea, but first cup of the day HAS to be coffee), I was talking to my mom on the phone. She asked how we made out.  My response? 

"Oh fine........oh shit..."

I had walked out to my sun room and looked out the window to something that looked like this:



Only a lot more of it....and it looked a bit like this:glass

My son had carried in the cushions from the patio prior to the rain starting, but the poor kid forgot the umbrella (which was up).  There was a microburst - high wind gusts. It must have lifted up the umbrella and slammed it and the patio table back down on the patio. 
The glass top shattered all over my potted tomatoes and peppers and covered the patio.  My son was so upset - he was beside himself  that he had forgotten the umbrella.  I had to actually calm him down before we could clean it all up.  Thank God for shop-vacs. 

After we got it cleaned up, I ran to visit my mom, as I stopped to get snacks for my daughters' band meeting, the phone rang.  It was my mom, asking for hearing aid batteries - No problem there, there's a drug store next to the nursing home.  I get into the drugstore and the phone rings again.  Mom, again, asking for a salad from the local deli that's ten minutes in the opposite direction.  I had exactly an hour before the girls got to the house for the band meeting. Twenty minutes out for a salad let very little time to visit Mom, who's been having a difficult time, but I said okay.  Ran back, got the salad and run back to the nursing home (when you don't drive, you don't realize there's a GAS CRISIS going on).  It's packed, so I have to park at the end of the employee lot and hustle my way up to see her.  We get to visit for 22 minutes and then I have to run back.  While the girls are setting up, I grab a couple of quiet minutes to scan the headlines, then book back out to buy a coffee maker - there is NO way that I will wake up tomorrow to a cup of tea.  Got back replaced the coffee maker and started to pull together dinner.  Noted the late time (after 5) and called down to the daughter to ask the game plan.  "Well, would you mind if they stayed?"  Of course not....Ordered a couple of pizzas (so great for my diet) and roasted a few veggies (have to give them SOMETHING healthy).  Here are the budding superstars:


R is the drummer (Don't they remind you of Josie and the Pussycats?).   After a few hours of playing, eating, drinking sodas, eating chips and salsa and blasting my stereo - an old Sansui stereo that still kicks ass, thank you very much - I started to look like this:


Note the eyes...the grimace...the fact that I'm thinking my Detroit Tigers' baseball cap is a decent fashion accessory.  Ahhh...I think I found something that will remedy the situation:



It's called a Presbyterian,  after all, it IS Sunday.......


Caffeine Court said...

I love it! Definitely not a "day of rest."

noble pig said...

I would need of those after all of that! Good grief, you're a good soul.