Friday, January 11, 2008

What a week.....

I was in sales training all week, which translates into sales people throwing slightly poisonous darts at the poor marketing saps (e.g. me) trying to spell our strategy. It was a loooooong week, but somehow I survived - although there was a lot of direct conversations and a little tough love along the way. Now, it's Friday night. My daughter had her 8th grade dance tonight and I'm sitting here typing while she's curled up and sound asleep next to me on the couch. We bought her dress earlier this week and I have to give the girl credit, when she decides to dress up, she has a great sense of style. I'll post pictures of her later. The most interesting part of this story was that she came home from school looking quite sad. It seems the boy who had asked her to the dance (now that means they'll meet at the dance and stand next to each other, it's not the traditional dance date) had a family emergency and had to leave school early. As he picked up his books, he apologized and told her he wouldn't be able to go. My daughter kept a stiff upper lip, but she was sad about it.

After pep talks and a long shower, which always makes everything a little better, she looked beautiful and was ready to go. When it was over, I picked her up and she came out beaming....well after the dance was under way, the young man showed up, family issue under control and found my daughter (who was managing to have a really good time) in time just to dance with her. Nothing like a happy movie ending to make a lousy week seem so much better.

Oh...the Christmas tree storage epilogue:

There is nothing better than duct tape.

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Mom on the Run said...

Finally got mine put away yesterday.

Pretty dress!