Monday, January 14, 2008

Tell Me Why I don't like Mondays..........

I can never find my travel mug to take my French Press into the car with me. So, being the inventive girl I am, I poured it into this nifty water bottle that my employer gave to all of us employees at a company rah rah day (I actually do like my job). I figured it was tepid enough and the bottle had these cute little silicon grips on the side. Great - jump into the car, as I'm driving down the street - I grab the bottle go to take a sip and nothing - I'd forgotten the straw that goes inside the lid. No big deal, tried to tip it back and black coffee dribbles down my face. Fearing makeup damage, I unscrewed the top and tried to sip it - the inside lip causes it to GUSH down my chin and then to the front of my LL Bean pea coat....let that be a lesson to you all - pay the three bucks and go to Starbucks, it's worth it.

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