Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I've been so busy lately with some travel and stuff to do around the house, I've not been able to post anything. Today, Matt and I went to Ikea so that he could pick out a new dresser/chest. His is best suited for a little kid and he's so big now, his clothes don't fit. I was trying to guide him to the Malm line that looks Danish Modern - it has a wide range of pieces and we can add to them as he gets ready to move out of his room (we've kicked around the idea of refinishing the basement and sectioning off part of it as his bedroom - he is 17, after all and they are pretty subterranean at that age). But, he picked out this:

He loves the color red and smarty pants that he is, saw that there is a black highboy to go along with it - his other favorite color - he wanted his room to be more "colorful". Serves me right....tomorrow is our assembly day. WooHoo. We also picked up a stainless steel backsplash for the kitchen, a stainless shelf and a small side table for our sunroom. We weren't the only ones to decide to shop today. I think half of Philadelphia was in Ikea today - it's the most interesting place to people watch. You see the twentysomethings who are buying for their first apartments/houses. The fortysomethings buying for their kids (I suppose there are thirtysomethings, too, either they look too young or too old to stand out).

Our other purchase was at my other favorite place, the Container Store:

I actually picked up the 40 bottle rack because I belong to a couple of wine clubs and now have more than what I can store in my dining room wine rack. I've always wanted to build a cellar and I have a spot in my basement that will be perfect for it. One of my old colleagues out in the Seattle area has a collector for a while now and publishes a wine newsletter, maybe one day he'll let me contribute, or I can start the East Coast version ;-)

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