Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Ramblings....

It's been a wonderful and weird weekend.  I talked about my loverly Friday night in my previous post. Saturday, Devonshire and her hubby came down to a wine tasting at the vineyard where I may start working in the spring.  As she mentioned in her post, not your typical Jersey wines (sweet fruit wines, yuck)  - lovely varieties made in the Bordeaux and Napa styles.  We came back after each buying several bottles and made an antipasto of Tuscan white bean salad, sliced red peppers, sopresatta and olives with sliced crusty seeded baguette.  It was a great afternoon, watching golf and picnicking in my den.  

After they left to to play chauffeur to their son, I got ready for a dinner party (already fooded out, mind you). I had invited a friend of mine who recently lost her husband and another friend to dinner.  I made Tunisian Chicken with Olives, a basmati pilaf and arugula salad with blood orange and mint.  We had Green Dragon Chardonnay and Clos D Bois Pinot Noir.  It was a lovely dinner and we sat around chatting - except my widowed friend kept jumping up and either running out to pet the cats who were sleeping in the sun room, to the bathroom or to answer her phone which rang repeated through out dinner. We had good conversation, but I found that the repeated exits and entrances disturbing. I didn't say anything (I realize that she feels very alone and is almost neurotic about missing a call), but it really bothered me.  Would you have said anything?


NJDecorator said...

Dinner sound modified the menu right up to the end....

I would have said know "So, tell me why you have those ants in your pants" whilst laughing.

Only you know how she would react, but it would have bugged me if I didn't say something.

Meghan said...

I found your blog a few weeks back & have checked in here & there.

I run a yahoo group for SJ Mom Bloggers. Would love to have join.
If you would like send me your email (mkw70 (at) comcast (dot) net) & I will send you an invitation.