Sunday, February 8, 2009


Whew...we have finally relocated Mom to assisted living. It's taken me three weeks of moving, cleaning, decorating and spending money to get Mom in and situated.  Many, many thanks to Devonshire and her family in helping me to get Mom set up. But we've finally done it.  The place is cute, she's got a lovely, private bedroom and she shares a kitchen and living room with her roommate.  Mom likes it, but we all understand it will take some getting used to.   What I've noticed is that with Mom gone, even though I'm making dinner each night for the teens, I'm starting to eat a lot less and imbibe less too...I can feel the stress lifting.

I've started yoga again and while I'm not doing it as regularly as I want, I am still making the effort to make it a regular activity.  I've decided to focus on being healthy, versus stressing over a body image that is probably not going to change dramatically.  I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, I want to enjoy myself responsibly now. I'm beginning to clean out years of garbage, emotionally and physically - it feels good - I'll keep you posted as I go along - I'm dipping my toes back into my life.

On another front, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I love wine - to drink it, to pair it with food, to cook with it, to give as gifts and to serve it to my friends.   Living in NJ, you'd think that unless I like blueberry wine, my only chance for decent wine is to drive to my local wine purveyor and buy the global best.  A few years ago I would have heartily agreed, but that is starting to change.  There are a few gems popping up here and there that are producing some really great wines and I, hopefully, will be pouring for one as well as doing food and wine pairings during the tasting.  I don't want to say more - no jinx, but keep your fingers crossed :)

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