Tuesday, January 13, 2009






No, it's not the number of posts in my blog.  It's my car crash movie.  I LOVE 300.  Something about incredible abs and loincloths and slow motion blood spilling.  "This Is Sparta!" can make me positively dreamy.  Gerard Butler is hot in this movie, I don't care if there's more CGI than crunches at the gym.  I share this secret love with my daughter.  Not just for the man candy that is this movie, but also because it's so much fun to make fun of...or the little known facts about the movie.  The sleazy politician was played by Dominic West who was so good in "The Wire" on HBO, and Xerxes, the big Persian god with the piercings who is "kind" played the kind and quiet Karl in Love Actually (and that is one of the ultimate chick flicks - another all time favorite).  tonight, 300 was on HBO's On Demand...so of course we had to watch.

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Anyway, we love to make up dialogue as we watch (usually about their briefs, the abs, pointy beards and the like), cracking on the dialogue that is just a little over the top....toward the end of the movie, after they've gone through horrible battles, one son gets decapitated and one guy (the narrator) loses an eye...Gerard Butler's character turns to the one eyed guy and says......Are you ready?  and one eyed guy says of course sire....Gerard:...Good, because you have one talent that no other Spartan has.......

...to which R interjected....."you can sing...."

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Jaina said...

I watched that during the fires last year. (my roomie was in love with Gerard Butler) While I hate movies where everyone dies, that really was quite a good one, what with all the eye candy and such.