Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yeah, Michelle - you go girl!!

Did you all watch Michelle Obama last night? Did she not rock the house? What a wonderful speech!. I've been following and reading about her over the last few months, so what was said was of no surprise, but it was an affirmation of the brilliant, funny, supportive woman that we would be lucky enough to have in the White House. You go, girl!!!

If by any chance anyone wondered where I've been - well, it was computerless for a while - which was wonderful - I actually did stuff! Mom is still in the nursing home and we're broaching assisted living with her. It's tough because she can't think about anything but how it affects her. She isn't thinking about how the stress of her daily care affects all of us at home. Give us strength.

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Syrosan said...

Hi Margo,

I did watched Michelle and also Barack last night and really enjoyed their speeches. It is so refreshing to see articulate and bright orators, especially compared to the commander-in-chief who can't put 2 words together. Michelle will be a great First Lady! and YES I said it: WILL!
PS: This is Sylvie