Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Car Crash Explained....

Everyone has a car, not a literal car crash, but something they cannot help but watch.  My bestest Devonshire's family and my family, have long had conversations about our "carscrashes" - a car crash is something that is not artistically appreciated, but you love it and have to watch or read.  Now, the important thing about a car crash is that it is a movie that takes itself totally seriously, but is so bloody awful that when you say that you like the movie everyone, and I do mean everyone, groans audibly.  Car crash can apply to the following: car crash movies, car crash tv shows, car crash books.


Example:  The all time classic is "Valley of the Dolls", as noted by this catfight:


By now you probably realize that Valley of the Dolls is my car crash movie - it is soooo bad, but I LOVE it.   If I had to name another one, it would be Dying Young with Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott


- it is so awful, but I just have to watch it every time its on. 


My car crash TV show (as of right now), is Gene Simmon's Family Jewels.

gene simmons

There is something about this show that I absolutely love - the fact that his public image is misogynistic, yet he is so absolutely devoted to his family and is so sentimental about them makes it dsyfunctionally charming to me.  If you were to view Simmons and Shannon Tweed back in their heyday (the 70's of my youth), you'd never believe that they have a committed relationship and would raise dynamite kids.  I hate to miss a show. 

I think I'll tag myself for the five car crash songs you absolutely love - but first, what is your car crash movie, and what is your car crash TV show?


noble pig said...

TV-Big Brother

Movie--Super Bad...horrible huh?

Red Flashlight said...

Oh! That clip from Valley of the Dolls is beautifully foul! I can see why you love it. The slamming of the bathroom door when she first comes in, the "action shot" of the wet wig flying through the air . . . wow . . .really?
My sister and I used to behave exactly like that. (In grade school.) Sublime! Thanks for sharing.