Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching Up....

I opted to work from home today (last night an under 1 hour commute turned into a 3 1/2 hour commute -not going to face that again today), so my lunch hour can happily be spent catching up on blogging. I've been taking pictures of meals and thinking I'll just toss them up on the blog tonight - and never got around to it. My bad...

Anyway - couple of changes around the house. New kitchen curtains - believe me, it's a chore for me to consider window treatments, so it was a red letter day to buy and actually put them up.

My microwave, which was mounted over the stove, gave up the ghost a week before Christmas Eve - I need to have a microwave for my mom, so I ran to Sears and tried to buy another one, but found out that it would take weeks for someone to install it for me. I couldn't wait that long, so I had to get a countertop model. After unpacking it and using it for a bit, I realized how much I preferred the countertop model and never liked having a microwave over the stove. I've always wanted to have a shelf instead to keep things like my salt dishes and pepper grinders. So, voila, after a trip to Ikea and Home Depot I now have my "workspace":



The rest of the kitchen with the new curtains(the old treatments were bamboo blinds....kind of cool in a Pier1 sort of way, but the cats liked to chew on them):

BTW - these are the cats in question - we adopted them last summer. They are six toed cats we found on They've been wonderful and in no time they took over and now rule the house. Introducing Brother and Sister:

Casanova - and he does live up to his name - an incorrigible flirt with incredible personality - we keep making up new names for him and stories about his conquests. Right now, I believe he's Casanova Beauregard Dupre - a talkative ne'er do well jazz trumpeter. He's a shrimp with a meow five times his size:

Ebony - she's the quiet giant with squeeky little meow. Much more skittish, however, she's also much more loyal than her flirtatious brother. She likes to sit and watch the world go by:

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