Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Five Things....

I tagged myself from Cindy's Blog and am now finally getting around to doing first meme, so here goes:


1. Five things under $10 that I cannot live without:

1. Sabra Hummus


I know that it's easy so to make - but this stuff is just fabulous. It's not economical because it only lasts a couple of days in my house!

2. Alianca Vinho Verde


A Portugese white wine that is great with grilled fish and veggies in the summer - I fell in love with Vinho Verde a few summers ago in Lisbon and it's the greatest deal in the liquor store/wine shop

3. Carmex


Yes, there are tons of urban myths that Carmex is addictive, there are mad Carmex junkies prowling the streets and sharing their stash like a joint (Don't Bogart that Carmex!) - yes, I'm addicted, but because it's the only thing that works for me and keeps me from getting those old lady lines around my mouth that start creeping in in your forties.

4.  Lush Bath Bombs


Specifically, Lush GeoFizz, your skin feels incredible after a good soak.  I hate my bathtub, it's not deep enough and the back is straight up and down (I swear it was made by Calvinists) yet after a soak with GeoFizz, I feel remarkably charitable towards it.

5. Vanity Fair magazine - couple that with a GeoFizz and a glass of white wine and all is good with the world.


2. Five girls names I did not use

1. Hannah

2. Zoe

3. Lucy

4. Lily

5. Jane



3. Five Boys names I did not use

1. Noah (my grandfather - R would have been Noah if she was a boy)

2. Patrick

3. Neil

4. Simon

5. Edward

4. Five favorite movies

1. Casablanca

2. Love Actually

3. Betrayal

4. Ran

5. An American in Paris

5. Five songs I can listen to over and over

1. All My Tomorrows

2. I've Got A Crush On You

3. Nature Boy

4. It's Not Over

5. Son of a Preacher Man

6. Five things always in my purse

1. Wallet

2. Carmex

3. Blackberry

4. Kleenex

5. Receipts

7. Five current obsessions

1. The environment/farmer's markets

2. Yoga

3. Finding good places to day hike and finding a pair of hiking boots I actually like

4. Moving to Seattle or Mt Airy (big difference, huh?)

5. Fixing my drive (golf)

8. Five favorite places I've been (I added this one)

1. Italy (Specifically, Rome and Venice)

2. London

3. France - all of it

4. Sonoma Valley (Liked Napa too, but found it more commercial than Sonoma)

5. Grand Canyon - the bottom

9. Five places I'd like to go

1. Patagonia

2. Japan

3. Australia

4. Greece

5. Train trip across Canada/Orient Express

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