Monday, May 12, 2008

Everyone Deals With a Monday in Their Own Way

I awoke this morning still feeling the affects of the brick o'prime rib in my belly.  I was sluggish and cranky because it also affected how I slept last night - bizarre dreams and waking up hourly.  I trudged down the stairs to find this.....

Picture 005

I think it was a cross between interpretive dance and bitchin' air guitar.  Once Son saw the flash of the camera, this is was the next move:

Picture 006

My youngest, R - aka surly teenager, was at my heels. Here's how she looks on a Monday:

Picture 016

She looks soooo happy, doesn't she?

There was NO way I was going to turn the camera on myself - no need to scare the little kiddies that might be poking over your shoulder.    This is how I dealt with my Monday morning:

Picture 007

Sunrise/Sunset Detox Juice

4 spears of pineapple

1/2 orange peeled (pith can remain)

4 large strawberries

small bunch of grapes pulled from their stems

Picture 014

Put all the ingredients through the juicer and enjoy......

1/2 hour of yoga (the picture taking caused me to run late)....


I feel better already!


maggie, dammit said...

ohmygosh your poor little exposed Guitar Hero is priceless!

noble pig said...

Oh there's such a thing as detox juice...I need that...I think.