Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random thoughts.....

I worked at home today. Which means that I:

1. Read emails and answered the important ones - while in my pajamas and my fluffy slippers (yes, I admit it, I have them and I LOVE THEM).

2. Read blogs - mixed the work related ones with the fun ones so that I didn't feel TOO guilty.

3. Kept the volume on the laptop up so that I could hear mail come in while I put up my new lamps in the living room, separated which vases I want to put out for recycling.....Let me explain.  My mom turned 80 a couple of weeks back (one of the reasons for absence of blogging) and we received enough flowers to make the house look like a funeral parlor - in fact at one point, Mom did turn to me and ask if she'd died and no one let her in on the joke...cleaned out a cupboard.

4. Took notes in preparation for an interview with a journalist tomorrow regarding one of our products.

5. Played with the cat.

6. Prepped Mom for dialysis.  Which means slathering Lidocaine on her arm and wrapping it in Saran wrap. I kid you not. It makes it less painful when they insert the needles to run the blood through the machine.  It's amazing how child-like the elderly can become.  My mom has suddenly forgotten how to open a tube, make a phone call, or throw anything away. I'm sure it hasn't been sudden, but it's just become so apparent.  I have teenagers, I'm finally at the point where I don't have to be on them every moment, and now I have to be constantly aware for my parent.  I really understand what they mean by sandwich generation. 

7.  Told my son to turn the volume on the music down about six times, but realized it was drowning out the growling and sing song act he does when he's playing video games.  I had hoped it would lessen as he got older, but it hasn't.

8. It's noon and I still have on my fluffy slippers.  At least I put on yoga pants - it's progress.

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