Friday, January 8, 2010

And the beat goes on……

I received a Wii and a WiiFitPlus for Christmas.  I have been diligently doing my 30 minutes plus each day (except for the days that I haven’t been home).  It’s fun, but boy, there are few things that drive me crazy:


1. The scale is way off – while I love what it says, it’s about five pounds lighter than my hi-tech bathroom scale (which is still in shock from being stepped on for the first time in oh, A YEAR).

2. The awful “ooooh” or grunting noise that it makes when you step on it. Yeah, that’s really motivating. 

3. You can build a program with yoga and strength but not with aerobics, what’s with that??

4. I am so white that even the Wii disparages my lack of rhythm.


Are you having a love/hate relationship with your Wii?


Carl Zetie said...

I'm so white, I can get sunburn standing under fluorescent lights.

I have so little rhythm, I once played maracas out of key.

Jaina said...

I haven't played the Wii long enough to have any type of relationship with it. It's down at the fiance's (it's his) We both want to get Wii Fit though, I've heard great things about the new and improved version.