Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10,000 Steps a Day and Other Innocuous Observations

I've started to walk 10,000 steps a day.  It's approximately 4.5 miles per day.  Wish me luck.  

It was so cold this morning, I lit the fireplace to take the chill off the rooms.  I love that.

Sourdough makes great french toast and if you use a boule style loaf, they are as big as a steak.  Watching my 14-year old sigh with delight and bop while eating it (think Bill Cosby's bit about his kids eating cake for breakfast) made my day.

I'm too lazy to take pictures of said french toast.

I saw "Religulous", Bill Maher's new movie and I liked it - it was thought provoking and hilarious - and no, I'm not going to write about it. If you'd like to know my opinions of the movie, drop me an email. 

I think Facebook's "SuperPoke" is highly over-rated. 

I'm still madly in love with my coffee maker, I'm thinking of starting a Facebook community for Cuisinart Fans.

Now....wasn't that boring????  Given the pervasive nastiness of the comments left in some of my friends' blogs - and the snarky finger pointing in others, I figured it was safer to talk about the inanities of life rather than have an exchange of ideas.  Come ON people - let's have a dialogue and let the politicians sling mud at each other.



Jaina said...

I wouldn't say boring...it was interesting. But I agree wholeheartedly with you on that last bit. Some people have been REALLY mean-hearted and rude on blogs I read simply over differences of opinion. Basically, if one of my blog friends posts something political that I disagree with, I simply choose to not comment on that post, and comment next time. I get that some people "REALLY" need to share their opinions, but there are ways to do it without being nasty. I'm just waiting for everything to be over.

NJDecorator said...

I'm sorry for my overuse of "Superpoke". I promise to do better. :)

Mental P Mama said...

That 10,000 steps and french toast combination works for me;) We love our Cuisinart coffee maker, too.

Caffeine Court said...

I agree, I'm getting sick of all that poking.

I have a Keurig coffee maker, and it's da bomb.

Caffeine Court said...

P.S. Lead me in the direction of all the political nastiness on blogs, I want to check it out!