Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I don't know about you, but......

I WANT this woman to be our next first lady:



Please take a moment to read this article in the NY Times:

Michelle Obama Looks for New Introduction 

A quote in this article really resonated with me:

“I looked out at my neighborhood and sort of had an epiphany that I had to bring my skills to bear in the place that made me,” she says in the interview. “I wanted to have a career motivated by passion and not just money.”

So many of us say that, but for a variety of reasons, lack of opportunity, lack of motivation, fear of failure, keep us rooted in jobs that will bring in the paycheck, but not the joy.  I applaud her for doing just that - creating a career that helped the disadvantaged.  Realistically, she wasn't completely altruistic; she also wanted to earn a living...and she did it in the smartest way - when you do what you love, the money often follows.




Did anyone watch Gore's announcement of his endorsement of Obama?  I've been an Al Gore fan for years - I voted for him in 2000, and I supported him in his mid-80's run when he lost to that firecracker Dukakis (groan, groan, groan).   I'm a little disappointed that he won't be actively campaigning for Obama, but I understand why - 2000 did in his taste for partisan political activities.  But wouldn't he make a spectacular head of the Department of Energy? 


Maggie said...

Yes on all counts.

Man, I would love to hand-pick that entire cabinet. They would be like a team of super heroes.

*fingers crossed*

SBelle said...

I absolutely agree!!